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Cary the Dreamer and Heart Music




Having written his first song at the age of 12, Cary Joseph passionately seeks to spread his love for Christ through music. As a musician, singer, song writer and producer, Cary has more than just a simple appreciation for music. He lives each day seeking to transform lives with the music flowing from his heart. Finding inspiration from notable artists and musicians such as Pastor Lamar Simmons & Spirit and Truth, Elder John Harris of Worship Company, Elder Michael Brown of F.O.C.U.S. and Charles Lamont Garner of Feed Back, Cary has often been referred to as the "Andre 3000 of gospel music." Also known as "The Dreamer," Cary has had the opportunity to open up for renowned gospel artists such as Canton Jones, Mali Music, Tye Tribbett and Kim Burrell. As the founder of Heart Music, a Christian music group, Cary is continuing his strides in the gospel music industry. Since Heart Music inception, January 2011, Cary has been graced with several monumental opportunities. Heart Music is known for its authentic lyrics and ability to transcend both racial and generational boundaries with uplifting sounds. Having gained tremendous support from the Tallahassee community and surrounding areas, Cary continuously looks for ways to express his appreciation and offer contributions to his community. He has facilitated several workshops where he encourages participants to pursue their dreams in music by tapping into the sounds of their heart rather than solely depending on their ability and skills as musicians. Cary is currently establishing a mentorship program for youth where he will not only encourage the youth to dream but to also make strides to pursue those dreams. Additionally, he has recently launched the "Living my Dreams" campaign where he highlights other individuals who are not only pursuing their dreams, but also making them a reality. Cary believes that a dream is not just a fictitious thought, but rather a detailed glimpse into the reality in which we can live. It is his firm belief that everyone has a duty to dream. ...

Prefer To Play Originals
Genres World Music
Needed Instruments: Lead Vocal Rock/Pop
Playing Level Pro
Goals Make a Living


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David B posted an update.
1 week ago
Looking for Pittsburgh area musicians who've found players or gigs on Gigmor and who can speak to someone from the local press. Message me or post a comment to reply.
David B posted an update.
2 weeks ago
So Cal members, please come join us at The Mint on Sat June 20 for our Gigmor Jam featuring selected LA members along with a kickin house band of LA pros.